Social Media Engagement

Collect Data About Your Users. Rapidly Increase Your Social Media Engagement. Let Users Promote Your Brand/Event via Their Social Media Platforms.

When Users Take a Photo, They Can Instantly Upload And Share It (With All Your Branding/Wording) via Facebook, Twitter, Email or Pinterest. Our Booths Then Automatically Capture All Their Details.

Facebook - Users can share photos on their personal timeline or we can do auto client upload on your business page.

We can also require users to like your business page

Twitter - You can pre-set the message that users tweet including hashtags (#) and usernames (@TeamBAWE)

Email - Users email address will be stored after they email digital copies to themselves

Pinterest - You can pre-set the message that users pin.

*All Photos shared and printed can be branded with your chosen message/logos.

Social Media Engagement

What can we do for you?

  • Share branded images/gifs online
  • Capture data
  • Send custom emails
  • Increase likes & shares
  • Stunning filters

What you get from us?

  • Email address
  • Custom branding
  • Unique marketing

Social Media Engagement

Creative Marketing

We understand how challenging it can be to come up with new, exciting and interactive ways to engage and connect with your audience.

So we here @TeamBAWE can help you, we know how to get your event social - Email to find out more or better still check out our own social media platforms.

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Social Media Engagement
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