Wedding Favours

Impress your guests with some exciting and witty wedding favours. Be creative in your thoughts and the way gifts are presented to the guests at your wedding.

So, what are these wedding favors and are they necessary?

A wedding favor or gift is a way to show gratitude and say “Thank you!” to the guests who have taken time out and traveled the distance to grace the occasion. These gifts will be a memory of the moment and bring a smile to their faces.

It very much depends on the budget you had planned for your wedding. Some people feel it’s always a touch expensive hence, drop the plan. The rest believe that a return gift is a nice way to complement the presence of guests.

Let’s look at some of the creative tips on choosing wedding favours:

  1. Look for a unique theme that goes well with the wedding. For example, you have a color theme then, go for candy bars with those color shades. Maybe you can even opt for paper bags in contrasting style that gives a distinctive feel of the occasion.
  2. Isn’t it a brilliant idea to incorporate a local style to the favor? For an Irish wedding, a harp miniature with names of the couple inscribed will be great. You can even consider giving tissues to bride’s maids with symbols of love.
  3. Give a classical feel to the gift by selecting as per season. You may want to give a pair of gloves with the name of bride and groom mentioned on it. This merchandise can be customized based on your requirement and pre-ordered.
  4. Irish people are fond of wine and champagne in gatherings like weddings. So, surprise your guests with their names on labels of miniature sample bottles and place them at respective tables.
  5. Charity has become a trend for all events. So, weddings are the best occasion to spread the word about the one that is close to your heart. Leave a tag for donations at the table. The total donations collected can be passed on to charity for best use.

Some of the other wedding favors that can add humour are scratch cards, pair-up favours like apples with tags, luggage tags with table numbers, a popcorn bar with different flavours, beach accessories for event on coastline, and some personalized accessories for the bride.

The bride should be the luckiest one to get a partner with a funny bone in all occasions. Things like above would surely kick off their life journey on the happiest note!

Olivia Hayes (Guest Blogger @Black and White Events)


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