Ultimatums and Wedding Hairstyles

Women have always been notorious for ultimatums and indecisive behavior, so why should it be any different on our big day? I have decided that, instead of looking at all of the possible choices you could pick for your best suited wedding hairstyle, that I would give you the best ultimatums to push your decision along – so you can do it all on your own! Its time to get your creative juices flowing ladies! Here are five wedding hairstyle ultimatums you MUST consider before taking the leap! Enjoy!

Up OR Down

This is probably the biggest wedding hairstyle decision anybody could ever make! Some people prefer the natural look-which in my opinion would be a down-style, with some waves and maybe an accessory. But, some people prefer their big day to be an all-out blowout everything eccentric! Why not? A big huge bun with lots of curls and a huge veil! The decision is yours.

Curly OR Straight

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve always wanted curly hair. Every chance I get, I’m sizzling my hair with the curler! ‘You always want what you can’t have’- well, it’s your perfect day, every detail perfected by you. Why can’t you have it all? Have a think about it, would you like the boho waves? Or do you want to go all princess with some huge curls? Maybe you could try a soft straight look? It’s definitely something worth thinking about!

Long OR Short

Do you want to do the most brave thing you’ve ever done just in time for your wedding day? I’ve put some thought and research into this particular blog, and there are some gorgeous short wedding hairstyles out there! Some fabulously fierce women have gone for a roaring twenties inspired look, and some other women have gone with the swinging fifties inspired look- both short styles look absolutely flawless and I couldn’t recommend them more! But, if you already have short hair and are looking for something different, prebond extensions are absolutely brilliant! Remember, the choice is always there! You don’t always have to make do with what you have!

Messy OR Neat

I am absolutely in love with messy buns and ponytails! I love the style that comes with it – the perfectly polished make-up and the perky puffed up hair! It looks so laid back but when done right, can be pulled on really high levels! Definitely something to put some thought into – whether or not you want your hair to say ‘I’m prim and proper’ or ‘I woke up like this’. You can always go for a mix of both- a down style with a lot of volume!

Plain Jane or Braids Galore

A lot of girls I know don’t like braids. I don’t understand it. I think braids can be so FABULOUS when done properly! I love french braids and fishtail braids in particular, especially on the bridal scene. For a more sophisticated style, braids are an absolute classic! However, if you’re more of a plain Jane – try something more simple: a straight blow-dry with a classy accessory.

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

It can be so stressful trying to get every last detail down to a T.  I hope I’ve helped!

Jade Shannon McCann (Blogger @Black and White Events)

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