The Best Vintage Hairstyles

The Best Vintage Hairstyles

It’s unique and also easy to maintain a Vintage hairstyle. If you love vintage hairstyles here are some unique hairstyles that you can have:

Bob: It originated in the 1920s, and it is a Vintage Hairstyles that gives the feeling that the bride was sporting a hairstyle that was strong, independent as well as confident. In order to flaunt this hairstyle for your wedding, you will only have to prune your hair a bit. There are many variations of this style.

Classic French twist up does: You will have to sweep the hair back and fasten the twist of your hair with the help of pins to the back of the head. Decorate it with fabric flowers, pins and even a tiara to dress a twist

Classical ballet bun: In order to have this style of hair, you will have to pull back the hair in order to make a simple and an elegant bun at the base of the neck. Accessorize it with flowers, headpiece and veil.

Finger waving: It came from the Bob. In this Vintage Hairstyles, the short hair was made wavy and softer. It was prevalent from the 1920s and was mostly worn by those ladies who were not able to pull off the rigid lines of the Bob and the shoulder length.

Loose, messy up do: In order to have this style of Vintage Hairstyles you should sweep the hair on top of your head, so it looks loose and messy.

Pompadour: It is a vintage hairstyle that originated in the 1700s, and it’s quickly coming back again. If you wish to flaunt this type of Vintage Hairstyles you will have to stretch your hair higher from your face so that it could be placed high above your forehead. Pink, Jenny McCarthy, and Miley Cyrus are the celebrities who love this style.

The elegant side up does: In order to have this style of Vintage Hairstyles you should smooth your hair to the side of the neck and secure your hair with pins in a beautiful bun or a roll. Tuck your final hair style into several small flowers or place a large flower on top of the roll.

Up do with curls: You should sweep your hair back and secure the crown. Curl and pin your target hair.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to flaunt your hair in any of these styles for your wedding day!


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