Photos and Their Meaning.

Photos and Their Meaning.

Photos and Their Meaning.

Photographs have been a significant way of capturing important moments in our lives since 1685. Johann Zhan, the creator, must have been inspired by just how heartening a captivating moment can be. Photographs are something we keep. We look back on them for comfort. Nobody can deny that a cup of tea and an old photo-book is not the answer to the perfect night in but all of us love nothing more than refreshing paramount memories and old friends through the simple task of admiring a photograph. So why settle for the ordinary?


When your looking at old photos, remember that it’s not just about who’s in them. It’s about when and how they were taken. We all have that spur-of-the-moment impeccable selfie that stays our profile picture for almost a year (just admit it) and we also have the over-posed family photo that we giggle at because Dad looks like he needs to go to the toilet. Photography is a luxury. It’s something a lot of us take for granted. Stepping up your game at an event, be it a corporate or private, is the key in capturing your perfect night. Rumor has it that Photo Booths are the best way to step up your game. But, we’ll let you be the judge of that.


One Night Stand

Photos and Their Meaning.

Black and White Events facilitate the aim and objective of giving you something exquisite to look back on. We want to give you that bit of sparkle at your convenience because we understand just how significant it can be. It’s all about snatching up the perfect snaps to present in years to come as a memoir. Why wouldn’t you want to do it in style? By hiring a luxury Photo Booth from Black and White events, it makes your event more memorable; it makes the recollection more personal, and of course, makes you look big-league! It’s fun and everybody loves to have some fun! We rent and you hire. Simple!


Our high tech Photo Booths are convenient for all kinds of venues and events. Who would want to miss the photographs of the bridesmaid and her one-night-stand at your wedding? Or who wouldn’t want to look back on you and your boss sharing a special moment in the booth at the office party?


We provide a totally bespoke service tailored completely to your requirements. Make it classy. Make it a Black and White Event.



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