Organising Your Christmas Party 2014

Five Dos and Five Don’ts: Organising Your Christmas Party 2014
So, it’s that time of year! Everybody’s pretending to be happy and like people that they don’t. This includes throwing parties, be it at home or in a venue, for corperate purposes or for personal! And it’s important to get the details right because, well, let’s be honest, these things either go absolutely fantastic or absolutely shocking. Stress not, however, because we have five dos and five don’ts that will help you get through your upcoming event!
Christmas Party

Christmas Party DOS

1. DO: Make an effort with decorations. It’s crucial that people feel like they’ve just walked into Christmas. Sometimes, people just can’t get in the humour and your party must bring that Christmas cheer to the table! A few Christmas party ideas are: create some goody-bags, make everyone wear a Christmas hat or even personalize Christmas crackers for the table! Little deeds go a long way!
2. DO: Dress to impress! Really make an effort with your Christmas party dress or tux. Show people that you scrub up well and rise to the occasion. Let your guest’s gift be your shine when you walk through the door!
3. DO: Think long and hard about the menu. Party food ideas are so difficult to come up with at Christmas because although you want to stick to the traditional carry on, it’s also important to make a statement. Maybe try something outside of the box, add some touches from different cultures! Do your research on vegetarian and vegan options. Watch some Nigella Lawson, Delia Smith or Rick Stein to get your creative juices flowing! Maybe try some new Christmas recipes that you’ve never done before. Put a twist on things- experiment!
Christmas Party

Christmas Party

4. DO: Include some entertainment. Christmas party games aren’t exactly a tradition but if you use your imagination, you could come up with something original and fun! Try a game like ‘Dirty Santa’, maybe even try something basic like Chris-Kindle! A game that’s easy and fun to play could fill some time and keep everyone smiling.
5. DO: Make a Christmas play-list before your guests arrive. There is nothing more annoying than being at a party that doesn’t have a great atmosphere because people are taking it in turns with the juke box! Be prepared to satisfy ever single guest with a well-structured playlist that everyone will enjoy!
Christmas Party

Christmas Party DONTS

1. DON’T: Our number one piece of advice is DO NOT GET TOO DRUNK. It’s Christmas, so we all want to enjoy ourselves as much as everyone else. However, remember that your hosting a party and people are depending on you! Wait until the guests have finished and enjoyed their Christmas dinner before consuming alcohol. This way, it’s a safe bet that the meal will run smoothly.
2. DON’T: Invite children if you are not willing to keep them entertained. One of the most irritating things at a function is if there are children that have nothing to do but hang out of their parents. If you wish to invite young children, be willing to give them something to keep them occupied. Be prepared in having them seated at a seperate table. After all, kids will be kids!
3. DON’T: Forget to thank everyone for coming. Sometimes people let this simple task slide- but it is so important! Let your guests know that their attendance is much appreciated. Make them feel important at your party! This isn’t about you because it’s your event, it’s about the guests because without them, it wouldn’t be an event! Don’t forget to show your gratitude.
4. DON’T: Make a seat-plan. For some reason, somebody always ends up beside somebody that they don’t get on with. Let your guests feel free to sit where they please. This way, everyone is beside their friends, sitting where they feel most comfortable. This avoids drama and arguments, creating a better atmosphere for everyone!
Christmas Party

Christmas Party Stress

5. DON’T: GET TOO STRESSED. People will feed off your bad vibes. If your guests can read that you’re stressed, it’ll encourage them to feel unwelcome, uncomfortable. And although you might be really up to your eyes, just try to enjoy yourself. Ask for some help off a friend, take a step back if you need to! Just try to keep a cool head. The more flustered you get, the harder and more complex things may seem. At the end of the day, you should enjoy the event too!
So, hopefully we’ve helped with our five dos and five don’ts to organizing your Christmas party 2014! Sometimes, the most simple advice is the most effective. All it takes is a little reminding ourselves to remember why were doing this, and how great the outcome is. We hope you have a great party- no matter how big or small!
Jade Shannon McCann (Blogger @Black and White Events)

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