Jades Top Five Wedding Ideas

Everybody wants to indulge on their special day. It takes months, even years of planning to get everything just on point, exactly how you want it. Weddings can be tricky- I mean, you have to cater for almost everybody. The elderly, the children, the alcoholics… So, I’ve put together a little list of wedding ideas that will take you no longer than five minutes to read, however, may carry effectiveness to your big day! Enjoy!

1. Everybody knows it’s all about the bride’s dress!

So, it’s not rocket science to figure out that the centrepiece of the day is the bride’s dress. What could she possibly be wearing? What kind of dress has she chosen? Everybody is expected to be wearing the latest designer wedding dresses and although practicality isn’t usually a priority, why not make it one? Number one on this list is: A detachable dress! You could spend the whole time your meant to be planning the wedding just looking for your main dress, then your evening dress and on top of that you’ve got lingerie to worry about. It’s so competitive nowadays to find a unique wedding dress. Find a dress that says ‘I’m the bride’ by day and ‘I’m here to party’ by night by simply detaching the main skirt. Visit your local wedding boutiques and see what they have in store. In my opinion, this is the way forward! Simple and effective!

Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress

2. Splash out on an expensive Wedding Planner Book.

You don’t want to miss ANY details. You want everything to be absolutely perfect, from the stem on the flowers to the heel on your shoes. It’s a stressful ordeal, this wedding planning carry on. So, stay prepared. Stay in contact with everyone. Don’t lose numbers. Don’t lose addresses and definitely do NOT forget any ideas! Make a wedding checklist and make sure that you do not miss a thing! After all, it’s your dream day!

If you invest in an expensive wedding planner book, it will stay in tact and you will always have it to look back on. Sentimental value is key! And if planning isn’t your thing, you could always just hire a wedding planner to take things into their own hands!

3. For the love of God, somebody think of the children! 

I was always that really bored kid sitting in the corner of weddings, asking my parents every ten minutes when we’re going home. It would be advisable to avoid this situation so that everybody can have a good time!

Have no fear; we have come up with a fantastic solution! You could sit the children at a separate table from the adults. And why not invest in some crayons, sweets and coloring books? Happy children = happy parents, right? And if you’re looking to go all out and need the children out of your hair? Why not hire some entertainment for another room? Something like face painting or balloon shaping would be ideal. The kids will be distracted so that you can relax and enjoy your night without ANY trouble from mischievous kids. Sorted.

4. Put a lot of thought into the invitations.

The wedding invitations are the first thing that people have regarding your wedding. They signify so much and you don’t even realize it. Wedding invitations are practically the first impression of your big day for your guests. Why not make your wedding invitations unusual? Why not put some serious thought into them? A cousin of mine recently sent out all of her wedding invitations on a heart-shaped piece of lightwood and wrapped them in brown paper with string! It must have been one of her favorite things! By making your invitation personal, it will give off the vibe that you have put a lot of thought into every aspect of your big day. Make unusual wedding invitations! Maybe stick a DJ request form at the bottom to show your guests that they matter too! Or instead of sending out paper invitations, use something else like wood or plastic to stamp your message onto! Get creative!

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations

5. Hire a Photo Booth for a classy effect! 

Everybody knows that PhotoBooths at events are really hard to walk past. You just have to grab your best mate and hop inside for a quick snap! Why not hire one for your big day and put together a great photo album? As mentioned above that sentimental value is key! Something to keep and look back on, something fun, in my opinion, its a great idea! Yeah, the over-posed family photographs are really beautiful to hang up around the house. But by hiring a PhotoBooth you could really up your game to the next level! Let your guests have some fun with photography at your wedding. You won’t regret it when you’re looking back over the snaps in years to come!



Thank you for reading my top five wedding ideas! I hope you have discovered something fresh and adequate for your big day!

Until next time,

Jade Shannon McCann (Blogger @Black and White Events)

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