Hen Party Games

Hen Party Games

Hen Party Games

Hen Party Games: Great distraction for the guests

Weddings are a very important occasion for family members and friends; however Hen Party Games are organized a few days before the event to laugh, mingle and enjoy the moment in great style. There are some new tips and tricks regarding the gaming ideas that might prove attractive to the brides because they are interesting.

Unique ideas:

NEWLYWED’s game is very famous, because grooms are asked sets of questions by the people in private and then the same set of questions is repeated before the bride to check the answers. Responses for the bride and groom are recorded on the video and played for the bride to see and visualize. The game can be easily started with the help of a recorder, pen, paper and sets of questions.

Another important idea can be the post it note game where all the hens have to write something interesting about the bride. Individual posts would then be kept on the table with the bride reading out the facts and guessing as to who wrote the statements. Some of the memorable quotes might pertain to the childhood incidents or old boyfriends.

Hen Party Games also include passing the parcel activity with a twist as there are some naughty prices along with exciting challenges. For instance fun LOLLIES or massage oils are given as gifts, and the players have to perform funny, as well as embarrassing tasks, while the game is on. Although, few people might not like it since they always want to be in their comfort zone but the idea is amazing, and the majority of the participants love the game.

Truth or dare has been quite famous for the teens and forms an important part of the Hen Party Games. Hens write a series of demands on pieces of papers and submit it to would be brides. The leading lady has to fulfill them no matter how embarrassing they are.

To make the hen party more creative, scavenger hunt can be organized with people dividing themselves into different teams. There are numerous items that need to be searched with the help of clues that should be innovative. It is very easy to start the activity with the help of the list of items, pen, and a camera for the participating teams.

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