Going on a date?

The idea of a date leaves many people with multiple feelings and thoughts. You may be nervous, excited and anxious all at the same time. It doesn’t matter if it’s a first or a 10th date, being prepared will help the date to go much smoother. Here are three things you have to do before going on a date.

Let Someone Know Where You’re Going

This is especially important if you’re going on a first date with someone you don’t really know. Informing someone of where you’re going will mean they know the place you’re meant to be if you don’t come home for any reason. They can also pick you up if your date is going really badly. That one quick text or call from the bathroom could help alert them to trouble or a very bad night.

Clean Up Fully

Don’t rush the shower to get ready. It’s important to clean up, with a bubble bath and exfoliate. These will also help you feel more at ease about your upcoming date. With beautifully clean skin, it will be just right for applying moisturising cream and makeup.

Don’t Worry About Things Going Wrong

Get your head in a positive place. It’s common to think about all the things that could go wrong, but that’s just going to make you feel more nervous and apprehensive. You want to go in with confidence and excitement. Think about all the great things that could happen. If you’ve been on a date before with this person, it will be much easier to do this.

Choose Your Clothes

Don’t hope to find something that fits an hour before your date. Pick your outfit with hours to spare, even a day to spare. This will give you the chance to get everything you need, such as tights, belts and even new underwear. You’ll also have the last minute rush out of the way.

Being prepared will make your date go much smoother. Get your mind in a positive space, and be ready with your clothes and hygiene. Now you’re ready to go on your date.

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