Four Wow-Worthy Wedding Present Ideas

Standing out from the crowd with your wedding present is a daunting task. If someone you really care about is about to wed the person of their dreams, how can you even begin to express how happy you are for them? Distant relatives may come bearing toasters and microwaves as a wedding present of practicality but you should step outside the stereotype and dig deep to find a wow-worthy wedding present for your newly-weds! Here’s a list of my top four wedding present ideas to help inspire your decision. Enjoy!

Practical can be perfect

Depending on how close you are to the couple, perhaps sit down and simply ask them what they need. If they’ve just moved in together, they just might appreciate a toaster! Sometimes when people are starting a new life together, as glamorous as it may seem, help could be needed! By kindly asking what they really need, your wedding present could be the most thoughtful!

It might be time to show how generous you are

You may be too embarrassed to ask if they need anything and they may be too embarrassed to speak out and tell you. A kindly written letter in a gorgeous envelope, along with some money, might mean more than anything to them! Wish them well and explain that you support them on their future endeavours as husband and wife! Give them that little push as newly-weds! It will definitely make your wedding present stand out- mixing the personal and impersonal ideology of gift giving!

Something homemade

Maybe the couples you wish well are not the kind of people that would appreciate money and a carefully carved letter.  Perhaps they would appreciate something so much more personal: like a collage of your best times together or a homemade snow globe! This one is for the artistic type that wishes to present the perfect gift that displays their personal impact on your life and just how much appreciate it!

Play a big part in the big day

Perhaps you could take care of the cake as wedding present? Or pay for the dress tailor? By playing a part in the run-up to their big day with your support and kindness, you could stand out even more than anybody that shows up on the day with a gift! Your support could be just what they need and after all, actions do speak louder than words!

I know the ideas for a Wedding Present I’ve thrown at you are quite vague! They’re just to get your creative juices flowing! All the best

Jade Shannon McCann (Blogger @Black and White Events)

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